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    place des costils, VILLEDIEU LES POELES (50800)

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4 17 avis clients

severine Duboisdendien
12 juin 2022
Équipe présente pour nos animaux et l'humain. Dans les moments difficile ils sont professionnels et très respectueux. Je recommande ce cabinet pour vos compagnon de vie
Stephane Fevrier
29 mars 2022
Tres bon service et tres professionel
biker kawazaki
7 juillet 2021
Pas accueillant !
philippe nativel
18 mars 2021
Un grand merci au docteur Kevers pour ses compétences et sa gentillesse d avoir soigner et guéri notre petit chien Titus agressé lors de sa petite balade, je la recommande
Lydie Levaufre
8 octobre 2020
Une équipe très professionnelle à l écoute des clients et dévouée aux animaux. De très bons conseils et une équipe ultra sympathique.
Mélanie Gouye
3 octobre 2020
" les cachets anti puces ne sont délivrés que sur ordonnance " blague. Accueil froid et étrange !
Floriane Renault
28 décembre 2019
J ai eu à faire au Dr Bunnel pour Mon chien Booba qui on envoyer à bayeux mon chien été totalement rétabli malheureusement il et mort il y a un peut plus de 1 mois mes très bonne clinique vétérinaire compétant veto comme secrétaire vraiment gentil souriant et à l écoute merci infiniment d avoir était la
Georgia WB
17 décembre 2018
After nearly sueing them a year ago! Here is my story... I have never met such rude, incompetent people in all my life! I took my dog in to get spayed, I took her in at 10 am didn’t hear anything all day, until I finally called them at 5 asking what was going on and why I hadn’t heard from them. They then tell me they had complications during the operation and she had haemorrhaged. But she was now fine and that I could pick her up! I get there (she can hardly stand up) I said that she’s not ok and I think she should be watched over night at the clinic. They tell me that they don’t have anyone watching the animals at night, and she would be better off with me. I get home, after 5 minutes she starts having problems breathing, is clearly not ok and in a lot of pain. I immediately call them explaining what is happening. After first telling me to call back in 10 minutes if she is still not ok, she finally agrees and tells me to bring her back, and a vet will be waiting. (It’s a 10 minute drive.) I put her on her bed in the boot of the car, drive there and before even being able to say anything a man has already opened the boot, grabbed the bed and flung my dog to the ground. (She landed on her side.) I’m already upset, my dog is in pain and has now just been thrown to the ground from 1m up! (I’m not going to lie... I was about to punch this man in the face!) He picks her up, tells me it’s ok he’s a vet, and to calm down. He tells me she needs to stay over night because she is in shock. I didn’t want to leave her with this man but I had no choice. After not sleeping, I call first thing! I can come pick her up... I go in, she looks a lot better and I feel comfortable about bringing her back home. And at this point i’m not even mad i’m just thankful she is ok! A couple of days later I start to notice a weird rash on her shoulder! I take her in a week later to the vet in Saint Sever to have her stitches out and ask her about this mysterious rash. (It’s run by the same people, as is the one in Brecey.) This woman starts pulling clumps of fur off and looks very confused. She explains to me that this is due to trauma of some sort, but that it couldn’t be from being on the operation table. (She knew about the operation but not about the fall.) I start asking more questions and ask her if it could be due to a fall of some sort? She replied, yes! That’s when I tell her what happened with her coworker. Funnily enough, she has another look and starts to change her tune, that it’s not because of trauma, it’s now apparently due to an infection... I obviously don’t trust these people in any way shape or form at this point. And decide to call the vet in Bayeux (Who operated on my dog a few years back and are lifesavers and the best vets around, just saying!.) And ask if I could have his opinion. I take her in a few days later, it’s now twice the size and her shoulder is just wrecked! Scabs, blood, you name it... He confirms it due to trauma. That she might need an operation to fix it, if it doesn’t heal in the next few weeks with medication. I call the clinic in Villedieu-les-Poêles after a couple of weeks, explaining everything, that it is technically their fault and that they should pay for her treatments, and what do I get from the lovely as always secretary? « Well you have insurance don’t you? » Yes, yes I do! But that’s not the point and neither is it a reason to throw my dog on the floor! She was so rude, and I was so mad that I asked to speak to the boss... PLOT TWIST! The man who « dropped » my dog on the floor that night? IS THE BOSS!!!! Hi, Dr Bozet 👋🏼 I don’t have enough space to tell you everything that happened after that! Because there’s a lot!!!!!!! Anyway... Now my dog has a huge scar on her shoulder but is ok, and after getting a lawyer involved he finally paid me back for her treatments. (But he never apologized for anything!) BUT PLEASE, IF YOU LOVE YOUR ANIMALS? AVOID THESE PEOPLE AT ALL COSTS (Villedieu-les-Poêles, Saint Sever & Brecey) THEY ARE THE WORST VETS/PEOPLE AROUND!
Jean-Pierre Yvon
20 octobre 2017
Lydia Madisson
19 juillet 2017
Si vous tenez à votre animal, n'allez pas là-bas.
Servane Leaignel
29 août 2015
une clinique veto avec une équipe très sympa et professionnelle. ils soignent les animaux comme si c'était les leurs ... top
Servane Leaignel
29 août 2015
une clinique veto avec une équipe très sympa et professionnelle. ils soignent les animaux comme si c'était les leurs ... top

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